The #1 choice for research, clinical, forensic, molecular, and veterinary testing.

Using the same multiplexing technology as the fully automated Evidence, the semi-automated benchtop immunoanalyser Evidence Investigator is suitable for medium throughput laboratories. In addition to its current wide test menu new tests are in development.

A revolution in diagnostics, the Evidence Investigator has the capability to maximise the efficiency of your laboratory.

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Features & Benefits

  • Semi-automated benchtop immunoanalyser
  • Up to 2376 tests per hour
  • Up to 44 analytes screened per biochip
  • Suitable for medium throughput laboratories
  • Extremely robust with only one moving part
  • 75cm (H) x 48cm (D) x 42cm (W)

Available BAT Arrays

  • Adhesion Molecules Array
  • Alzheimer Risk Detection Array
  • Anthelmintics Array
  • Antimicrobial Arrays
  • Beta-lactam Array
  • Cardiac Array
  • Cardiac Risk Prediction Array
  • Cerebral Arrays
  • Chronic Kidney Disease Array I & II
  • Coccidostats Array
  • Cytokine Arrays
  • Drugs of Abuse Arrays
  • Endocrine Array
  • Familial Hypercholesterolemia Arrays
  • Gastro Intestinal Panel 1 and 2
  • Growth Promoter Arrays
  • KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA* Array (*for research use only)
  • Metabolic Syndrome Arrays
  • Respiratory Multiplex Array
  • STI Multiplex Array
  • Synthetic Steroids Array
  • Thyroid Free Array
  • Thyroid Total Array
  • Tumour PSA array
  • Vitamin D Array