CyBio Drop

CyBio Drop

Stress-Free and Homogeneous Dispensing of Cells

Non-contact dispensing of 500 nl to 15 µl per shot. Up to four different reagents can be dispensed precisely and quickly into 96, 384 and 1536 well plates. The patented droplet generator technology ensures excellent performance with a wide range of reagents, buffers, solvents and cell suspensions. The unique cell recirculation guarentees optimal and gentle cell dispensing without settling effects.

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  • Stress-free and vital cells after dispensing due to the unique cell recirculation option
  • Homogeneous cell distribution using the patented droplet generator technology
  • Gentle dispensing of reagents onto an adherent cell monolayer due to the possibility to adjust dispensing parameters individually
  • Excellent performance of a wide range of liquids due to optimal dispensing technology
  • No cross-contamination through contact-free dispensing


Standard Precision (cv in %)
8-channel dispensing comb: 0,5 µl < 10%
1 µl < 5 %
5 µl < 2%
Time to Fill a 384-well Plate
at one shot per well 20 seconds
CyBio® Drop
Plate Formats 96 und 384 (1536 optionally available)
Number of Reagents up to 4
Volume Range 500 nl – 15 µl
  • Assay set-up and stop of reaction: Dispensing of reagents, enzymes, substrates, inhibitors and buffers
  • Dilution of compounds: Dispensing of solvents and buffers
  • Plate production: Dispensing of coating reagents
  • Dispensing of cell medium and reagents onto an adherent cell monolayer
  • Cell seeding