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    Susceptibility Tests


    Susceptibility Tests

    Antibiotic susceptibility test discs in cartridges

    Disc diffusion is still the most popular method for determining bacterial antibiotic susceptibility in the treatment of infectious disease, as highlighted by the variety of international standardised procedures eg.EUCAST (Europe), CLSI (USA), BSAC (UK), AFFSAPS (France), DIN (Germany) & ISC/WHO.

    mastdiscsTM AST are available as an extensive range of antibiotic susceptibility test discs presented in vials, or plastic dispensing cartridges.

    Manufactured and QC tested in accordance with the accepted limits and clinical standards required for the various national controls, mastdiscsTM AST are suitable for antibiotic susceptibility studies in laboratories worldwide.

    • Extensive range available from stock to suit all popular clinical applications.
    • Flexible, personalised service manufacturing antibiotic susceptibility discs to customer specification, with low minimum order quantity.
    • All discs are strictly quality controlled for antimicrobial potency and batch uniformity.
    • Discs are available to suit EUCAST, CLSI, BSAC and other laboratory standard recommendations.
    • Inhibition zone diameters can be read by eye or manually using calipers.