Biometra TGGE and TGGE Maxi System

Biometra TGGE and TGGE Maxi System


Please note: The TGGE systems are discontinued. Accessories are yet available.

Biometra TGGE System

  • Rapid separation of mixed DNA samples
  • Quick optimisation of new protocols
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Please note: The TGGE systems are discontinued. Accessories are yet available.

TGGE and TGGE Maxi System

Temperature Gradient Gel Electrophoresis

Biometra TGGE System
The TGGE system was designed for maximum resolution in a small gel. The highly integrated system consists of the gradient electrophoresis unit and an external controller. Both, optimisation of temperature range and parallel analysis of multiple samples can be achieved in very short time. New protocols a rapidly established and high serial throughput can be achieved.

Biometra TGGE MAXI System
The TGGE MAXI system is the ideal instrument to investigate high numbers of samples in parallel. Due to the large thermal block of 20 cm x 20 cm a long separation distance for the analysis of complex sample mixtures is provided.

The TGGE MAXI controller can control both the small and also the MAXI electrophoresis unit.

Principle of TGGE
During migration through a temperature gradient DNA starts to melt. Once the DNA is partially single stranded, the sample is slowed down dramatically. Other samples that are still completely double stranded at this temperature further migrate through the gel. The lower the melting temperature of a DNA molecule, the earlier it stops in the gel. Since the melting temperature of DNA is determined by its primary sequence, there is a direct relation between.

TGGE is ideally suited to separate DNA fragments of identical size on the basis of their DNA sequence. This is typically used for screening of PCR fragments (of identical length) for mutations.