Optimizable & controllable real-time amplification

  • 48-well thermoblock and optical systems
  • for use with standard and low-profile plasticware
  • automatic height adjustment for tubes and plates
  • ultra-sensitive optical system with 4-5 channels and extra run-time LEDs
  • 50×28 mm monochrome graphic display
  • DTmaster software with English/Russian user interface unified for operation with all DT real-time instruments
  • built-in memory for controlling and saving data of the current run
  • applications for real-time quantitation, melting curve, gene expression, microflora biocenoses, SNP analyses
  • offline run with auto shutdown or data-storage mode at the end-point
  • auto restart/resume function after incidental AC-power failure
  • “additional standards” function to improve accuracy of quantitation with standards from previous runs
  • an open system not limited for use with particular reagents/plastics
  • automatically operated pullout thermoblock for integration into a robotiс work station
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Research features:

  • two pseudoblocks with autonomous temperature control in 48-well block
  • compatibility with most popular dyes
  • optimal signal/noise ratio
  • low interchannel cross-talk due to special features of optical system

Medical diagnostics advantages:

  • simple and intuitive operation with “test” function
  • compatibility with commercially available kits from different producers
  • compatibility with automated sample preparation systems
  • compatibility with laboratory info systems (LIS)
  • multi-device operating software DTmaster
  • comfortable form of output reports
  • software built-in module for multiple-tube tests
Parameter Value
Thermoblock format 48 (8x6) x 200 ul
Heating ramping rate, average 5.0°C/sec
Cooling ramping rate, average 2.5°C/sec
Temperature range of the thermoblock 0 - 100°C
Temperature setting increment 0.1°C
Temperature accuracy +/- 0.2°C
Temperature uniformity +/- 0,15°C
Thermoblock lid heating 105°C
Channels 4 - 5
Spectrum range 470 - 750 nm
AC voltage and frequency 220 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions WxDxH 210x480x310 mm
Weight 17 kg