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Microbiological Quality Control

Selectrol® Micro-organisms

Selectrol® discs are first generation standard micro-organisms that are manufactured under license from Public Health England.

Selectrol® is a fully traceable and cost effective range of first generation micro-organisms which have predictable biochemical reactions, making it ideal for a variety of quality control and testing applications.

  • Quality control of culture media, staining reactions, biochemical profiling.
  • Determination of antibiotic concentrations in blood, serum or CSF samples.
  • Antibiotic susceptibility testing controls, whether by disc diffusion or serial dilution.

Selectrol® strains are presented as water-soluble freeze-dried discs with most strains being available in packs of 10 or 25 discs. Selectrol® discs are manufactured exclusively from NCTC® (National Collection of Type Cultures) and NCPF® (National Collection of Pathogenic Fungi) and are guaranteed first generation derivatives from the source strain. Selectrol® is versatile, and can be inoculated directly onto solid media or dissolved in an appropriate broth.

Certificates of Analysis are available to download from this website: www.tcsbiosciences.co.uk.

To ensure you have the most recent Selectrol® listing, please contact our Customer Service team.

ATCC® equivalents are listed for reference only.
ATCC® is a registered trademark of the American Type Culture Collection.
NCTC® and NCPF® are trademarks of Public Health England.

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