Biosafety Cabinet Bio II Advance

Biosafety Cabinet Bio II Advance

The smartest innovations in an Advanced Compact Design

The Bio II Advance has been developed to maximize the convenience, comfort and safety for the user, the sample and the environment whilst minimising the cabinet dimensions. The innovative and elegant design provides the Bio II Advance with a high performance requiring the minimum room space.

The Bio II Advance achieves the best balance between external dimensions and useful working area in the market. Only 759 mm in width and 1260 mm in height, the Bio II Advance provides a working volume of 340 dm3. Furthermore, the optimized plenum gives the comfort of a large working area with more than enough room in the working chamber for the daily tasks of the user.

Quite simply, the Bio II Advance has been designed to provide the best Biological Safety Cabinet class II features available while offering practical ergonomics, silent working conditions, easy cleaning, less energy consumption and easy service and maintenance.

Nowadays most laboratories have low ceilings, and the available space has to be shared with an increasing assortment of equipment. Conscious of this situation, Telstar has re-evaluated Biological Safety Cabinet design, focusing effort on optimization of the core of the cabinet where the filters, fans and electronics are located. The result is compact dimensions and huge improvements in Air Flow Efficiency. The reduced air ways in the plenum combined with microprocessor control, maintains constant airflow during normal filter loading, avoiding wasted energy, reducing cabinet heat and extending filter life.

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The Advance begins in the mind

  • Innovative and original sliding window, designed to be easily adjusted at a 200 mm working aperture with only one hand.
  • Hinged front window can be fully opened for easy and thorough cleaning of the inner surfaces and all interior surfaces.
  • Rounded edges and smooth surfaces without any screw or nuts promotes effective disinfection and maximizes contamination prevention.
  • Large, polished divided working area with removable trays is user-friendly for cleaning and autoclaving.
  • Control panel located can be viewed from either seating or standing position, without interrupting the task in hand.
  • Chromatic Display continuously indicates the status of the cabinet through a visually simple international code.
  • Eco Mode puts the cabinet into stand by. In Eco Mode, the sample remains protected inside the cabinet while the user is performing other tasks, thereby saving energy decreasing the cabinet’s heat and reducing the rate of filter clogging.
  • Innovative and unique 4F System (Fast, Friendly and eFFicient) is a Telstar patented system for filter replacement. Filters are easily accessible from the front of the cabinet and using a unique fast clamping/unclamping device the time required to replace the filters is reduced to five minutes.
  • Wide, ergonomically integrated curved armrest provides forearm comfort in all working positions and maintains safety by ensuring that the user’s arms do not block the forward airflow perforations.
  • 10° sloped window improves ergonomics, allowing a fatigue-free working posture.
  • Efficiently designed to be silent when running under working conditions without compromising comfort and safety.
  • Adjustable stands available with electric or manual adjustment for convenient setting of working position.
  • Front window fully sealed with a resistant silicone gasket prevents user exposure to escape of aggressive substances the sample from ambient contamination and maintains cleanliness of the internal surface of the window.
  • Automatic control by microprocessor continuously guarantees the correct air speed thereby minimising power consumption and noise.