Aeolus V Vertical Laminar Flow Bench

Aeolus V Vertical Laminar Flow Bench

Telstar Aeolus V series vertical laminar flow clean benches offer 3, 4, 5 or 6 ft of working space with laminar HEPA filtered air for optimum protection of non toxic samples.

Stainless steel working surface with high lighting.

Accessories, options and customization are available to adapt the unit to the application.

  • Description


  • ISO 3 sterile air downflow cabinet  for optimized product protection
  • HEPA/ULPA  H14 filter,
  • Noise level < 58 dB
  • Side glass windows for viewing and comfortable lighting
  • Taps available as options
  • Stainless steel tray for chemical resistance, easy cleaning and autoclaving
  • Sliding safety glass front window
  • Front window is easily cleanable both sides. It can open for introducing  instrumentation and easy cleaning of the chamber.
  • Internal light provides 900 lux
  • Optional programmable UV light
  • Digital control board with large LCD display
  • Continuous air speed monitoring with anemometric sensor
  • Elapsed timer for UV and fan
  • Alarm LEDS for air speed, UV, filter clogging alarm
  • EC motors
  • LED lighting
  • Available as 3,4,5,6 ft sizes ( 900,1200,1500,1800mm)
  • Depth < 800mm
  • Height = 1290 mm
  • Possible customization