Reliable, flexible and simple immunoassay testing

Trusted around the world, the VIDAS® brand has been recognised for over two decades as a leader in on-demand immunoassay testing.

  • Single-test concept: one patient, one test, one result
  • Broad menu of high-quality and innovative parameters for routine, emergency, complementary and confirmation testing
  • Robust and reliable instruments, with 24/7 availability
  • Intuitive testing process with ready-to-usereagents
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VIDAS® instruments represent one of the broadest installed bases of benchtop immunoanalyzers in the world. The success of the brand is based on the quality of its reagents and the robustness and ease of use of its instruments, associating the single-test concept with ELFA technology. The comprehensive VIDAS® menu offers more than 100 parameters to allow clinicians to make the right treatment decisions.

Innovation is part of the VIDAS® brand DNA, with constant research into new parameters with high medical added value. The instruments are also evolving towards greater simplicity and automation forenhanced lab productivity.

A global solution

3 instruments to meet any request at any time

  • High MTBF: no activity breakdown
  • Whole menu available on the 3 instruments
  • No warm-up period
  • Limited maintenance : saved technician time for added-value tasks
  • Easy to use: limited training time
  • Limited quality control and calibration frequency
  • No water needed
  • Up to 36 tests/hour
  • 12 tests simultaneously
  • Integrated software and printer
  • Compact size
  • Load and Go
  • Up to 80 tests/hour
  • 30 tests simultaneously
  • Ergonomical and intuitive software
  • Up to 36 tests/hour
  • 12 tests simultaneously
  • Primary tube
  • Full traceability
  • Autodilution on board
  • Remote access
  • Ergonomical and intuitive software
  • Load and Go
  • Bidirectional LIS connectivity
  • Database storage

A large menu with high-quality and innovative parameters

  • Over 100 tests in single-test format for the diagnosis of cardiovascular and infectious diseases, cancers, infertility, pregnancy and thyroiditis diseases
  • First to launch Galectin-3, D-Dimer exclusion test, HIV 4th generation parameters
  • High quality VIDAS® reagents with proven accuracy and performance
  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Kits contain all components needed for one test
  • The same kit can be used on the 3 VIDAS® systems
  • Rapid results: from 17 to 120 minutes


VIDAS® services to ensure your lab’s continued development

  • Instrument services
  • Certification support and integrated quality control
  • Training

A worldwide community

  • Around 27 000 VIDAS® instruments around the world
  • platform:
  • Strengthen your expertise and make the most of your VIDAS® solution.
  • Share information and experience with your VIDAS® peers.

Confidence in result reporting and cost management

  • High quality VIDAS® reagents for less unnecessary repeat tests
  • All types of assays can be run simultaneously
  • No risk of contamination associated with traditional systems that use external washing, drains and syringes for sample pipetting
  • Simple reagent management: parameter, standard, control and diluent all included in the kit => one single reference
  • Minimum operator handling and intervention
  • Convenient kit size to fit your consumption

The single-test concept

The VIDAS® principle is based on the interaction of two elements: the coated SPR® receptacle, containing antigens or antibodies, and the Strip, made up of a series of wells containing the correct amount of reagent necessary for the test.

All reactions occur within the SPR in two key phases:

  • immunological reaction
  • enzymatic reaction

The entire operation is fully automated: from incubation, to washing and final reading.Incubation time and the number of washing cycles are optimized to ensure peak performance.