System Performance Standards

System Performance Standards

Thousands of laboratories trust Waters to help them establish and document the performance of their instruments. We offer a broad range of products for most system needs, (including Quality Control (QC) Reference Materials and Routine Use MS Standards) all backed by our reputation and professional support team.

  • Produce/Generate inter-intra laboratory reproducibility
  • Calibrate and assess your systems’ ability to perform your assays
  • Use standards for your detector, injector and pump
  • Perform tests that include: detector linearity and sensitivity, injector accuracy and carryover, pump flow rate and gradient performance
  • Monitor daily system proficiency to bring confidence to your assay execution.


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This standard mix is used to confirm the benchmark performance of a Preparative/Purification System through fraction collection. This particular Quality Control (QC) Reference Material is specially formulated to allow the user to verify correct fraction collection. This test is highly valuable to perform upon first use/installation, and any time the system has not been used or has had any changes. Contains 3 compounds including Thionin, Thioflavin, and Crystal Violet.

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