Achieve Optimum Results

Your choice of mobile phases, solvents and additives can have a significant impact on your chromatographic and spectrophotometric results. That is why Waters provides standards kits and ready-to-use reagents that are prepared using the highest quality materials for all your critical analyses.

  • Optimized for use with LC and LCMS instrumentation
  • Integral part of many application solutions that include columns and standards
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Mobile Phases: LCMS Grade

The strength of a system solution start is impacted by a variety of variables, starting with the Mobile Phase. Waters offers a variety of Mobile Phases for our application specific system solutions.

Categories include:

  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • Glycan Analysis
  • Food and Beverage Analysis

pH Buffers

Waters offers certified pH buffers ranging from 1 pint to 1 liter.  These buffers are directly traceable to an SI unit via NIST SRMs.  These products are accredited to ISO Guide 34.

Categories include:

  • pH 4
  • pH 7
  • pH 10


It is important to utilize additives that are certified to ensure reagent quality. Waters offers a variety of LCMS grade additives that you can count on for your analysis.

Categories include:

  • Paired Ion Chromatography
  • Carbohydrate Analysis
  • Formic Acid
  • Triethylamine


Waters offers a variety of pre-made modifiers to save time and increase accuracy of analysis. Categories include:

  • Ion Select Anion and Cation
  • Capillary Ion Analysis
PIC A Low UV Reagent
Part Number: WAT084189
AccQ-Tag Ultra Eluent B
Part Number: 186003839
AccQ-Tag Ultra Eluent A
Part Number: 186003838
Extractables & Leachables Screening Standard
Part Number: 186008063
AccQ-Tag Ultra Derivatization Kit
Part Number: 186003836
AccQ-Fluor Reagent Kit
Part Number: WAT052880
AccQ-Tag Ultra Chemistry Kit
Part Number: 176001235
PIC Reagent D4
Part Number: WAT085466
PIC Reagent B5
Part Number: WAT085110
PIC B8 Low UV Reagent
Part Number: WAT084283
PIC B7 Low UV Reagent
Part Number: WAT084282
Beverage Analysis Mobile Phase Reagent
Part Number: 186006006
PIC Reagent A
Part Number: WAT085101
AccQ-Tag Eluent A
Part Number: WAT052890
PITC Reagent
Part Number: WAT088120
AccQ-Tag Eluent B
Part Number: WAT052895
Amino Acid Standard (AccQ-Tag, Pico-Tag, Accu-Tag Ultra)
Part Number: WAT088122
PIC Reagent B7
Part Number: WAT085103
PIC Reagent B6
Part Number: WAT085140
Beverage Analysis Wash Reagent
Part Number: 186006007
AccQ-Tag Chemistry Kit (250 Analyses)
Part Number: WAT052875
PIC B5 Low UV Reagent
Part Number: WAT084198
PIC Reagent Sample Kit (PIC A, B5, B6, B7, B8)
Part Number: WAT085144
PIC B6 Low UV Reagent
Part Number: WAT084199
PIC Reagent B8
Part Number: WAT085142
Pico-Tag Eluent 1
Part Number: WAT010960
Pico-Tag Diluent
Part Number: WAT088119
Pico-Tag Eluent A
Part Number: WAT088108
Soft Drink Mobile Phase for NovaPak Column Analysis
Part Number: WAT036888
Pico-Tag Eluent B
Part Number: WAT010983
Soft Drink Mobile Phase for SunFire Column Analysis
Part Number: 186003858
Pico-Tag Reagent Kit
Part Number: WAT088123
Pico-Tag Eluent 2
Part Number: WAT010985
SAM I Reagent
Part Number: WAT010873
Pico-Tag Chem Pkg Free AA
Part Number: WAT091681
Pico-Tag Reagent Kit
Part Number: WAT010947
Pico-Tag Eluent 2
Part Number: WAT010965
Triethylamine 100 ml
Part Number: 100000110