24/7 automated environmental monitoring system

  • Accreditation: Ensure full regulatory compliance, safety, & quality
  • Traceability for both lab and transport
  • 24/7 connectivity with wireless alerts in real time
  • Description


To be compliant with most regulations around the world, pharmaceutical companies need quality environmental monitoring.

Discover the new LABGUARD® 3D

The fruit of more than 15 years of continual innovation, bioMérieux’s new LABGUARD® 3D is designed to easily and flexibly meet the strict environmental monitoring, quality and compliance needs of today’s industrial labs. You’ll save time, energy and costs while gaining total peace of mind.

  • Total, continuous control over all environmental conditions: Easily and automatically measure, monitor, record and alert on temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2, and other physical parameters
  • Clear information for easy accreditation
  • Real-time alerts with 24/7 wireless connectivity
  • Full traceability: compatibility with LABGUARD® software.
  • Advanced metrology and mobility solutions: devices, interface and services
  • Wide range of accessories: sensors, transmitters and data loggers, etc.
  • Full range of services for the long term: training, qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ), support & metrology

Make accreditation easy

  • LABGUARD® 3D makes accreditation easy with full traceability, certifications and audit information at your fingertips.
  • Compliance: ISO 17025 / 21CFR PART 11
  • Access to a professional database (postgreSQL)

Full 24/7 control

Ensure sample integrity and product performance with continuous 24/7 wireless monitoring for total control over storage and transport environmental conditions. During both storage and transfers, you’ll have full confidence for management of your most sensitive and important samples, reagents, materials, patient results and more!

  • Real-time alerts for immediate intervention when needed
  • Plug-and-play tools (calibration and mapping kits, calibration bath)