Biosafety Cabinet EF/B2

Biosafety Cabinet EF/B2

Telstar EF/B Biological Safety Cabinets Class II, Type B2 with 100% exhausted and 0% recirculated.

Type B2 Biosafety Cabinets according to NSF 49 provide personnel, product and environmental protection from hazardous microorganisms that require Biosafety Level BSL-1, BSL-2 and BSL-3. These biological safety cabinets are designed to be hard ducted to the outside. During operation, room air passes into the top of the cabinet and through a supply HEPA filter to provide a laminar air flow into the working chamber. Contaminated air is also drawn into the exhaust HEPA-14 filter located down the working area before be exhausted. A dedicated exhaust system and remote blower exhaust the 100% of the filtered air from the cabinet. Since none of the air is recirculated, these biosafety cabinets are appropriated to be used when the user is working with toxic and volatile chemical substances.

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All contaminated ducts are under negative pressure or surrounded by directly exhausted negative pressure ducts or plenums. There is no recirculation within the work area.

Room air enters through a blower/motor in the top of the cabinet and passes through a HEPA down flow filter into the work area as the vertical unidirectional airflow. Laminar air flow air is pulled through through the perforated front and rear grilles. Simultaneously, air entering through the perforated front opening is pulled through the grille and exhausted immediately. 100% of the air is pulled into the facility exhaust system for appropriate treatment. Type B2 cabinets is always connected to an exhaust system.

Type EF/B offers the highest safety for the user, the product and the environment. The cabinet is designed to offer good ergonomics and is user friendly.