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AURA VERTICAL S.D.4TM Cabinets are supplied in one dimension (1.2mt).
These state of the art down-flow cabinets, provide an ultimate cleanliness Class 100 work area where the highest safety for the products is achieved.
The internal design, the air flow aerodynamics and monitoring, the special H14 filter with Micromesh downstream equalising plenum, guarantees the highest performances at the most stringent safety levels and operator comfort.
This unit works on a recirculating mode with air being filtered by an HEPA filter with 99.999% efficiency on 0.3μn particles, before entering the work area at a speed of 0.45 m/s; this ensures a Class 100 environment throughout the work area.
Air coming through the front aperture is then mixed with the downflow air, without affecting the product, and recirculated.
70% of the air is returned to the working area through the main HEPA filter and 30% is exhausted into the environment through an exhaust HEPA filter. This ensures double protection both for the product and for the operator even if this cabinet should not be used for handling pathogens.
The special sloped front design and the sliding sash ensure comfortable working position and, when needed, a very easy opening and closing of the front window.
A complete and user friendly tool for the protection of highly sensitive products that only experienced European design with over 35 years of know how and accurate quality manufacturing, can provide.