• Description


These state of the art PCR cabinets are specially designed for pre-amplification sample preparation in controlled environment in order to prevent DNA carry-over.
Any aerosol generated during the handling of the post amplification samples can not enter the cupboard; any molecule of DNA herein contained is subsequently neutralised with the help of UV radiations.
Operating mode: AURA PCR is a very easy-to-operate cabinet. When the normal working procedures have been completed, the tempered glass front panel is closed and a timer is activated in order to expose all internal surfaces and tools to UV radiation for a preset period of time.
The outer tempered glass body of AURA PCR, acting as a filter to UV radiations is safely protecting the external environment from dangerous exposure of personnel to those radiations.
The PCR cabinet complies with the electromagnetic compatibility “EMC” according to 89/336EC.
The cabinet also complies with safety requirements for electrical equipment for laboratory use as per EN 61010-1.

A complete and user friendly tool for the protection of highly sensitive procedures that only experienced European design with over 35 years of know how and accurate quality manufacturing, can provide.