Mini V/PCR Vertical Laminar Flow Bench

Mini V/PCR Vertical Laminar Flow Bench

Mini V/PCR vertical laminar flow bench is a small footprint unit easy to locate in any lab. The unit provides ISO 3 air quality, for product protection and it is equipped as standard with UV for oligonucleotide disruption to prevent contamination when performing PCR.

  • Description


  • ISO 3  sterile air vertical laminar flow cabinet. 100% downflow for optimized product protection
  • 85% ASHRAE pre-filter easily accessible on the side of the unit
  • HEPA/ULPA  H14 filter, 99,999% (DOP) class 10
  • Noise level < 56 dB
  • EC low consumption motor
  • One piece stainless steel bench
  • Internal illumination of  550 lux, white polyester painted walls
  • UV light as standard feature
  • Chamber  electric socket as standard
  • Taps available as options
  • Digital control board with large LCD display
  • Continuous air speed programming
  • Elapsed timer for UV and fan
  • Alarm LEDS for air speed, UV, filter clogging as option
  • Width : 670mm ; depth : 520mm ; height : 1125mm