InfraLab Food Analyzer

InfraLab Food Analyzer

The InfraLab e-Series At-Line Foods Analyzer from NDC provides rapid accurate measurement of moisture, fat and protein in single or multiple component configurations in a variety of Food Products.

Easy-to-use, the InfraLab requires no special operator skills, and takes just 5 seconds to make the analysis.

Using multi-wavelength NIR reflection, the InfraLab does not require contact with the product sample. The sample dish is placed  on the turntable; the InfraLab automatically recognizes that it has been placed there and begins the analysis.

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The InfraLab has its own substantial onboard data storage capacity (up to 10,000 sample files), but data can also be downloaded periodically to a USB memory stick or directly to a PC for analysis in a spreadsheet or other software. Alternatively, it connects via Ethernet to a PC where the data is stored and displayed and can also be integrated into a LIMS network.

The InfraLab e-Series has been designed to be used in a foods processing environment and features:

  • Hygienic design using food-safe materials
  • Pass code protected user log in access
  • Rugged and robust enough to be used in a production area

The InfraLab is designed to be calibrated to your laboratory method such as Gravimetric Oven or Karl Fischer for Moisture, and Soxhlet and Kjell-Dahl for Fat and Protein. This means that you can enjoy laboratory accuracy without the costs, the chemicals or the time associated with lab methods. In short, InfraLab offers a number of key benefits:

  • Improvements to product quality and consistency by allowing more representative process sampling
  • Significant time and costs savings for routine QC analysis
  • Requires no special skills for routine use

To find out more about how the InfraLab could be incorporated into your quality strategy, please Contact Us.