Gesan Chem-200

Gesan Chem-200

MONITOR: Provides information for each method programmed : scheduled tests, liquid level of reagents available for tests, status of calibration, calibrator, quality control.

REAGENT PANEL: Clear displayed of reagents position and liquid leve


Display sample status

Add, remove, modified samples, calibrator or control.

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  • Unlimited worklist can be managed simultaneously
  • Add or remove test
  • Automatic reran for test with error
  • Inspect test
  • Add test of calibration, blank and Q.C.

SAMPLE TRAY: Exact position on the tray assigned to all samples, calibrators and controls with color coded status of each

SAMPLE INSPECTION: Accurat information on a sample, data and graphic display showing sample volume remaining.


  • Data on test selected, result in abs with a graphic representation
  • Automatic recalculation of test result using the latest calibration

QUALITY CONTROL: Provide a levey-Jennings graphic of all QC result, Mean and CV%