Autoimmune Diagnostics

IMTEC Product Line

Human with the integration of IMTEC GmbH and its well-established and successful product line in 2006, offers innovative test systems for the diagnosis of autoimmune and rheumatic diseases. An expert team of highly specialized scientists and technicians develop and produce a broad range of high-quality autoimmune diagnostic products comprising ELISA, line immunoassays(LIA) and immunofluorescence (IFA) tests. The IMTEC product line is CE marked and distributed worldwide.


Immunoassays are in vitro diagnostic techniques based on the specific reaction between antigens* and antibodies**. They allow the identification or quantification of the presence of antigens or antibodies in a given sample (serum, plasma, blood…). It is possible to detect and/or quantify different types of antigens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, hormones and markers specific to certain diseases) or the response to these antigens through the intermediary of antibodies present in the organism. This technique is extremely sensitive and specific.

Immunoassays can be done on automated platforms able to treat 60 samples at a time. Other immunoassay tests can be performed directly at the patient’s point of care, with little automation. With more than 20,000 VIDAS® and mini VIDAS® systems, bioMérieux has the second largest installed base of any immunoassay system worldwide, and offers other automated systems such as VIDIA® and DAVINCI®. A response to a growing need in public health, rapid, practical, single-dose identification tests like Slidex® and now VIKIA® require no complicated instrumentation.

BioMerieux’s complete range of systems and reagents offers over 90 different immunoassays.

  • VIDAS® and miniVIDAS® are multiparametric immunoanalyzers which respond to the requirements of small- and medium-sized laboratories. They are also widely used for emergency diagnostics (Troponin I and D-dimer) and in fertility centers.
  • VIDIA®, our latest immunoassay platform, is particularly adapted to the higher-throughput required by medium-sized laboratories and hospital centers.
  • Rapid Testing Offer - QUICKVUE™ and VIKIA® are BioMerieux’s ranges of high-quality rapid tests for point-of-care testing in infectious diseases and reproductive health.

The VIDAS range is greatly appreciated worldwide for its simplicity, flexibility and accuracy.

The VIDAS test system uses a single-dose, ready-to-use reagent.

  • The SPR® acts as a Solid Phase Receptacle for the reaction and is coated with antigens or antibodies.
  • The Strip contains all the reagents required for the reaction.

The SPR acts as a pipetting device.

At each stage of the reaction, it aspirates the reagents in and out. This original concept prevents any inter-reagent or inter-sample contamination. In addition, the absence of tubing, syringes and needles reduces system maintenance to a minimum.


The VIDAS system uses the ELFA assay principle,

combining the ELISA test method with a final blue fluorescent reading. This technology ensures excellent result sensitivity and specificity

Food Control

Tecna represents a bridge between advanced biotechnology and food industry. The company produce its own assays and kits uses immunochemical and DNA recombination methods.

Tecna is highly specialized in the R&D and production of ELISA kits for the following field:

  • Veterinary Drug Residues
  • Mycotoxines
  • GMO
  • Dioxines
  • Veterinary Drugs Residues Reference Material
  • Other Contaminante

Tecna had developed ELISA applications for the following media:

  • Animal Tissue
  • Cereals
  • Coffee and Cocoa
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Feed
  • Honey
  • Ichthyic
  • Wine
  • Other

Tecna offer Progetto Trieste Proficiency Testing which goal is to create a network of laboratories meeting essential requirements of quality and reliability in food analysis.