PBI International

Our Society

International PBI is recognized in Italy and worldwide as the leading supplier for microbiological, physical, chemical laboratory equipments and products.

Our History

The company was established in late 1956, for representing in Italy "Paul & Funke & CO.", a leading European manufacturer of equipment and consumable products for quality control in the dairy industry.

From the success obtained in the dairy market, the company has developed experience in the agro-food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hospital and life science fields.

The company became "Pool Bioanalysis Italiana S.r.l." in the middle 70s, and was converted into "International PBI S.p.A." in 1988.

In Italy, International PBI is currently recognized as the undiscussed leading supplyer of laboratory products with a growing emphasis on international markets.


International pbi is part of the international organisation "Laboratory Product Association".

Our Customers

The customers are public and private analytical laboratories of pharma, food, dairy, cosmetic, beverage, biotechnology, hospital, clinic, university, school.

Our Products

In Italy, the "Omnialab" catalogue (electronic and paper version) is the most complete catalogue for laboratory products that exists. It includes more than 30.000 items. Worldwide, the "PISA Tower" English catalogue is distributed in more than 62 Countries.

Our Mission

Our mission has always been that of providing customers with the best possible level of service, trying to solve their problems rapidly and effectively, supplying the most reliable products. International pbi's commitment to customers is identifiable with the motto: "Quality where quality counts":

  • To provide products and service of the highest quality
  • Keeping ahead of technology to meet all the needs of the laboratory
  • To become partners of our customers

Our Production

Autoclaves, Air Samplers, Surface Samplers, Sampling Devices, Media Preparators, Petri Dish Fillers, Formaldehyde Sterilizers, Colony Counters, UV Equipments, are produced in the Monza Factory.