United Kingdom

Randox was established in 1982 by Managing Director, Dr Peter Fitzgerald in Crumlin, United Kingdom. Randox are ranked 23rd worldwide in the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market in a market of over 1,600 companies globally. Randox are the only British manufacturer of clinical diagnostic products and are ranked the 6th largest manufacturer of clinical chemistry reagents in the world.

Randox have developed the world’s first Biochip Array Technology. This is a Multiplexing diagnostic platform-technology which can deliver up to 23 different test results simultaneously from an individual biochip using a single, small patient sample. Biochips include the Cardiac Array, Thyroid Array, Fertility Array, Cerebral Arrays, Cytokine Arrays and Adhesion Molecules Array. As well as two Drugs of Abuse Arrays there are biochips for Anti-microbials, Growth Promoters and Synthetic Steroids. Cancer biochips include Tumour Monitoring and Tumour PSA Arrays and the RanplexCRC Array for colorectal cancer screening.

Randox manufactures diagnostic kits that can be used in all clinical chemistry laboratories on a variety of automated clinical analysers. Randox have also developed a range of clinical chemistry analysers, the RX Series.

Randox are a major manufacturer of Quality Control sera for use in laboratories. Randox manufactures quality control materials covering 170 parameters. Principal control products are clinical chemistry, immunoassay, urine, proteins, lipids, cardiac, CSF, cytokines and drugs multisera. RIQAS, the Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme is the largest global EQA scheme. Randox also operate 24/7, an internal internet driven, peer group reporting system.

Randox Life Sciences is a recognised primary manufacturer of Human Recombinant Proteins, Polyclonal and Monoclonal Antibodies and Conjugates to a wide range of research and development applications.